About Me!

Who said ADHD wasn't just a day at the beach?

Born and raised in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, I bounced from job to job and boyfriend to boyfriend. Never settling, and giving up when it got “too hard.”

In January, 2010, it was brought to my attention that I could have ADHD. After 4 or 5 internet self-tests that scored me off the chart in ADHD, I realized it was time to call the psychiatrist. A month later, armed with a prescription for Adderall and More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD, a great book I found on Amazon, I sat down and started this blog.

I started it for a number of reasons, but the main one was because there weren’t any out there that were funny and engaging, that offered good tips and tricks on how to live with this disorder (I still hate that word) and that offered anecdotes of all those funny things that we get ourselves into at work, in our relationships, with our families, and just trying to get through the day.

I hope to keep it relatively light, include good stories, fun pictures, and above all – to create a safe community for us to live and love with ADHD.

I live in the SF Bay Area with 2 cats (Buster & Elvis) and a dog (Tess). Along with them, my friends and family sustain me and give me daily strength to be the great woman I think I’m turning out to be.

Thanks for reading – it means a lot!


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