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The Trouble with Adult ADHD…

…is that when do I ever sit down long enough to focus on updating a blog!?

I started this blog a month ago due to a futile attempt to find a blog out there written by a nice, normal, funny adult with ADHD. There are some really great ones for parents of kids with ADHD, but for a 30ish single girl like me – I couldn’t find anything to relate to (maybe because people with ADHD don’t finish what they start despite the best of intentions?).

So, I started a blog. This wasn’t my first attempt at a blog, in fact, I had a pretty entertaining one about dating in your 20s a while ago that wasn’t too bad. Of course, like any project I seem to attempt, I lost interest and now it’s floating around in a cyber wasteland. Once Facebook and Twitter came around and I got hooked on the great opportunity to share a quick and clever 140-character thought or update, I no longer had the patience to sit down and write a longer blog post.

One of many tangents you’ll find on this blog: Amazing how Facebook and Twitter are PERFECT for ADHD people – in one shot, you can quickly make some snarky comment about a friend’s photo, keep up with that douchebag you went to high school with, and make some update relating to your hatred of public transportation. You can come back all throughout the day and there’s always something new.

Ok, back to topic: Little did I know that I was working with ADHD (or working against it, actually) and unless I had the awareness that that was how I operated, it was going to be painful to try and finish anything I had started – work, relationships, bill paying, a blog.

So, here I sit – blinking cursor in front of me, reaching down deep into the cobwebbed annals of my brain – with the hopes that I’ll come up with interesting, humorous, hopefully useful content to share with someone out there who may have stumbled upon this blog.

A few daunting things I must overcome:
– if you’re reading this, you either have ADHD, or you have someone in your life who does. How do I keep it short, quick, and entertaining so that you’ll read it all? I know I’m a terrible skimmer when it comes to reading things – and rarely do I retain any of it.

– it will have to be funny. In order to drive traffic to my site and keep you interested (you with the aforementioned ADHD), it has to be funny. It has to relate to you, the reader, and keep you coming back. There will be times when I will make a deprecating comment about people with ADHD, and I may hurt a few feelings. Guess what. Life’s a bitch and sometimes our feelings get hurt. Keep in mind, I have it too – and in the immortal words of Jimmy Buffett “If we didn’t laugh, we would all go insane.” Since I’m halfway there – I might as well laugh about it. You too. Stop being so serious.

– it’s going to be personal. I’m going to write shit that will be hard to talk about. Do I share it with my friends and family and Mr. Man, when it’s so much easier to write it to the anonymous population of the almighty Interwebs?

– and really…the most important thing…am I going to neglect my Facebook addiction? Let’s hope not.

So, there you go, kids. I’m writing a blog because I need to. Because there isn’t one out there – maybe because the rest of us ADHDers can’t finish a goddamned thing we start – but I’m going to do it. This is my commitment to you.

I’ll leave open the ability for you to comment, because I do want to hear your stories (bonus points if they make me laugh til I spew coffee out of my face), but don’t be mean. Don’t forget that I’m human.



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